Awaken your taste buds

On‑board cuisine

Your comfort is our main priority, and this is reflected in the choice of mouth‑watering dishes we offer on board our flights. Browse our menu and indulge your cravings. Quality goes hand in hand with choice and, of course, you can choose from several Belgian signature dishes, a country that is well-known for its refined and delicious cuisine.

So treat yourself!


Comfort for all!

Choose between an Asian or international inspired main dish. You also have the option when booking your flight to reserve the Chef’s menu to enhance your on‑board meal.

Welcome and bon appétit!



We are very happy to welcome you on board our Premium class cabin. Start your journey with an aperitif, choosing from our drinks list (alcoholic and non-alcoholic). We then invite you to select your meal; on the menu is a choice of Asian dishes and Belgian specialties all served with drinks of your choice. Tempted by a dessert? It will be served with a tea or a pure Belgian coffee.

Before landing, we’ll offer you a continental breakfast.

Bon appétit!



Welcome on board our Business class cabin, where you’ll be warmly greeted with a welcome drink and a smile from your cabin crew!

Once we’ve reached cruising altitude you will be offered an aperitif. We have a large choice of refreshments including a selection of traditional, Belgian drinks.

Continue your journey and choose a starter and main dish, a choice of Asian, international‑inspired dishes or why not try a Belgian specialty? Refreshments (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) will be available to accompany your meal.

Finish your meal with a sweet treat, a dessert, tea or coffee or an authentic cappuccino.

Before landing, we will have the pleasure to serve you a balanced and generous breakfast.

A little craving during the flight? Go to the front galley: a buffet of fruits, cheeses, goodies and drinks is available throughout your flight.

Bon appétit!